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Thanks for being patient with us as we get our webpages cleaned up. Everything Just Roll With It Bootcamp related is all merging to www.JustRollWithItWellness.com. Please visit us there.  Everything on the page here is from past events in 2012 and 2013.

“A LIFE-CHANGING DAY! You do not want to miss this; the JRWIB will reinvigorate you!”

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MISSION: To empower individuals and communities to cultivate an active body, a resilient mind, a renewed spirit, and a sustainable lifestyle despite their setbacks and stressors.

GENERAL INFORMATION: Wellness workshops, “bootcamps,” and retreats with a Mind-Body-Spirit approach to health and success utilizing yoga, stress management, and integrative nutrition techniques.

JRWI Workshop Information: 17 November 2013, Sunday, 2-4pm at Karma Yoga Center in Denver – Kate and Sarah will be co-leading a Stress Reduction & Resiliency Yoga Workshop.  Registration info coming soon

JRWI Bootcamp Information:  an inspirational full-day, live seminar blending holistic health & wellness practices with integrative nutrition, personal growth tactics, functional fitness and mindfulness therapies coupled with success strategies in an interactive, movement-oriented, and fun setting. (Please see the videos at the top and the bottom of this page as a preview of this event.)  

JRWI Retreat Information: Through guided activities, yoga, adventurous excursions, and unstructured meditative relaxation time, incorporating movement, functional fitness, spirituality, and a deep appreciation of your own story as it relates to your bigger purpose, you’ll experience a deep transformation of body, mind, and spirit.  Full description of upcoming Costa Rica Retreats in January 2014 can be found at www.SemperSarah.com/retreat

In any venue, the Just Roll With It Wellness team is here to serve and inspire YOU.

Do you want a passionate and purpose-filled life? 

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Have you experienced combat, or a traumatic or painful situation? Perhaps you’re a survivor of rape or assault; or you’ve endured the hardship of broken relationships or dreams; or you’re just feeling “stuck” physically or emotionally.  Are you finding it difficult to transition through something from the past and fully step forward into the life you really want to live?  Or are you battling with day to day stressors that are taking a heavy toll on you now?


The Just Roll With It Wellness programs provide:

  • Scientifically-based, interactive instruction on yoga, meditation, stress reduction, and happiness & success strategies
  • A fusion of health&wellness and personal&spiritual development
  • bridge between mental/emotional growth and physical fitness — covering issues related to relationships, proper mobility in fitness, recovery, and integrative nutrition
  • Inspiration and instruction that leads to TRANSFORMATION of mind, body, and spirit
  • A unique, lively, motivational, and movement-oriented program
  • A place where you will forge connections with others and become empowered to grow personally so that you can cause a positive ripple effect for your family and community
  • An opportunity to bring positive energy so you’re ready to roll, and experience the power of combining mindset with movement to create magic in your life!

Dallas Poore Photography - www.DallasPoore.com

Here’s what some previous Just Roll With It participants have said about their experience:

*  “Thank you so much for teaching the seminar! There was so much that really hit home for me, and you presented it in a way that it was not overwhelming or intimidating.  Everyone involved in speaking today was just amazing!”

* “Since I attended the ‘bootcamp,’ thanks to you and all of the wonderful people who I had the privilege of meeting, I have gained awareness, inspiration and vision. What is even more astounding is that I know exactly what I need to do to see it materialize and know how to transition to “the outside” confidently.”

* “It was AMAZING! I came home feeling better than I have in a long time.”

* “It was a lot fun. I usually don’t take much away from stuff like this but this one was awesome. I will be attending again next year.”

*  “The lineup of professional speakers was very impactful to me personally, professionally, and spiritually.  I am a startup CEO, a lifelong learner, an Iraqi Freedom veteran, a husband to a beautiful wife, and a father to two beautiful kids; the things I learned during this wonderfully-orchestrated event permeated all of these areas of my life – and more.  I cannot more highly recommend the JRWI events as a way to relax, rediscover your equilibrium, and to simply do something nice for yourself and your family.  Make the investment in yourself; it’s worth it.”


*  “Thank you so much for the bootcamp yesterday. I slept like a baby! Even though I only got in about six hours sleep before having to get up, I didn’t wake up in the middle of the night or have any nightmares. THIS IS THE FIRST TIME I’VE FELT RESTED IN OVER THREE YEARS, and I am interested in changing my eating lifestyle, because I constantly craze chocolate or sugar and generally just feel off. Thank you again for what you’re doing!”

* “Amazing day. Thank you!”

* “I had the best time with Team RWB and Semper Sarah’s “Just Roll With It” Bootcamp. An all day full of gaining knowledge about self reflection, resilience, perseverance, and motivation shared by amazing Marine Corps women (and Jonathan Sprinkles) with great energy. We did yoga, had a delicious healthy lunch, and spent time with old and new friends too!”

*  “Such a great workshop today – so informative and inspiring… great lessons to take with me along life’s journey. Thanks so much Team JRWI!” *


* “I have been breathing for 3 minutes every morning and night since camp, but I usually find that my eyes open to see that 5 minutes have passed.” -Chris K.

Our unique combination of dynamic speakers will provide you the resources and inspiration to move past any obstacle that’s keeping you stuck.

Here is further description of the topics we’ll be sharing:

Kate takes a deep dive into resiliency training with the scientific proof behind the positive mind-body connection of therapies like yoga and meditation.  Sarah covers topics from integrative nutrition insight to yoga demonstrations and beyond, and she will inspire and instruct you through her SEMPER Philosophy. Kate and Sarah together teach the Just Roll With It Method.

The SEMPER Philosophy is to establish Faith as your foundation, and to always be:

  • Sincere
  • Empathetic
  • Motivated
  • Perseverant
  • Engaged and excited
  • Resilient

We will arm you with tools you can use IMMEDIATELY and consistently to healthfully move forward in life! We will train you to not just survive, but to THRIVE.


1173656_10151789505969781_962871676_nSpace is LIMITED for these high-impact, transformational events!

Register now so you can become a more empowered, strong, and resilient YOU – ready to move through any challenge, live a life you love, and love the life you live. We can’t wait to see you there!

PS – Don’t forget to bring a guest! Grab your best friend, your significant other, or anyone else with whom you’d like to share this amazing experience.  Research shows that with a support network, our rates of success are much higher.  We’re all about connecting and community!

Buy Sarah’s book, Just Roll With It: the 7 Battle-Tested Traits for Creating a Ridiculously Happy, Healthy, and Successful Life, before a Retreat or Bootcamp –> She’ll happily sign it for you there! :)
DSC_1220Just Roll With It Yoga&Adventure Retreat is $150 off for Team Red, White, & Blue members!
Nosara, Costa Rica 4-10 or 11-17 January 2014.

Rough agenda for the one-day Just Roll With It Bootcamp:

  • 0900-0905: Opening remarks
  • 0905-0950: SEMPER overview, Faith, and opening
  • 0950-1030: Yoga
  • 1030-1045: Break
  • 1045-1130: Resilience – It’s why we are here
  • 1130-1220: Integrative Nutrition
  • 1220-1315: Lunch Break
  • 1315-1430: Motivation, Perseverance & Purpose
  • 1430-1440: Break
  • 1440-1535: Engaged & Excited – Tools & Techniques for being present
  • 1535-1545: Break
  • 1545-1615: Yoga Nidra

More heart-warming comments from our JRWI peeps :)

“This was such an awesome experience! Thank you Sarah and awesome team. You inspire me to push on with my fitness instructor goals. Great Cause, Super Event, Outstanding Experience!! Thank you!” Johnny

“I finally put in yoga as part of my weekly workout this past Sunday. I’ve “added” fruit and veggie juice/smoothie (at least one a day) into my eating habits.”  Lynda

“So, my first attempt at meditation last night was hilarious. Dogs jumping off the bed and onto my belly, then showering me with kisses, the bf making all kinds of racket… but it must have helped a little because this morning I smashed my head on the overhead cabinets at work and laughed it off. ” Kristina

I’ve been doing my breathing and doing yoga nidra once a day via an app I found. I also been really to add lots of green leafy veggies to my diet. I feel great and I’m trying to get coworkers to try it out too!”  Rebekah

To contact Just Roll With It LLC, call toll free (866) 878-2594

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